Following our success over the years in importing tinsel from China we have reacted to our customers requests for us to start manufacturing high quality tinsel at our factory in the UK.

At the beginning of 2013 Swan Mill set up a specialist decorations division and invested in new state of the art machinery to produce all grades of tinsel at our production plant in South Wales. We have now been in full production since March 2013 manufacturing bespoke product for our blue chip UK retail customers.

Tinsel is considered to be a very traditional and essential Christmas product which dates back to Victorian times and market research states that consumers normally purchase a tree, then some baubles and finally some tinsel to finish it off!!!!

Our customers are now very pleased they can get all those products from Swan Mill. Plus, it is dispatched with their crackers, gift packaging and wrapping paper which is also made at the same site in Wales. This means that the tinsel shares the factory overhead resulting in a cost advantage from a stable and trusted name within the industry and a true 'one stop shop' for all things Christmas.

To complement our already strong in house design studio, Far East office and our fantastic Chinese factories we now have a new specialist tinsel and decorations team with the back up of over 25 years experience in the business! So come and visit us at our Wales site where we have our decorations showroom, plus you can have a sneaky peak at our shiny new tinsel machines as well!

For all your retail and catering decorations and tinsel requirements please contact us.

Contact us for further details or to see our full range please download our brochure here.